The Pussi Riot Split: Q&A

We know you have quite a few questions about what happened yesterday. I’ll try to answer all of them in this post.

Whether or not to empty the old crew has been a point of discussion within the commission since the XBOX and PSN sides split off from the old crew two months ago. Originally we wanted to keep it as a social hub where people from both platforms could come together and mingle. But as it turned out, the large number of members hindered the growth of the new crews. New people kept requesting to join the old crew, because the smaller XBOX and PSN crews were seen as side crews. Redirecting them became an absolute chore, so we took the difficult decision to empty the old crew in favour of the new growing and thriving communities.

Why split from the old crew in the first place?

The short answer is the absent crew leader. We’ve been taking care of the crew, organizing various activities and keeping the members happy, while Backof couldn’t even be bothered to log into the Social Club for almost a year, blatantly ignoring it’s members both on the SC and in game. That made keeping the crew in good shape very difficult. At a certain point we had over 800 members, with only a handful of active ones. Having a lot of dead weight worked as a massive demotivator, so the crew had to be cleaned up, after all we pride ourselves in being an active crew. All the members with male avatars and/or a different active crew were kicked, but many of the absent members remained. By then the XBOX side had already split from the old crew, because they never got a reply from Backof about their request to have an XBOX lieutenant promoted to commissioner, as they didn’t even have a single commissioner to keep the XBOX side in check. The new XBOX crew was thriving and we realized that that’s exactly what the PSN side needed, a fresh start. Like the XBOX side, we’ve been thriving ever since.

So who is the crew leader?

There’s no one official crew leader. All the commissioners on the XBOX and PSN sides form the leadership of the crew. The ‘leader’ position is merely an administrative one.

What about Backof? Is he still a crew leader?

No, the commissioners, lieutenants and a number of reps worked hard to make the crew what it is today, not Backof. That makes us it’s legitimate leaders.

The old crew is being revived. Which crew should I be in?

We’re not going to tell you what to do. If you’re still loyal to Backof, you’re free to join the old crew. But I very much doubt they’ll put as much effort in as we did.

Why weren’t we informed of the kickings?

That’s a very good question that deserves an honest answer. Whether or not to empty the old inactive crew has been a point of discussion within the commission ever since splitting from the old crew was being discussed. It took the commission almost three months to make this decision. Imagine if every member voiced their opinion. It would’ve taken many more months to make a decision and even then we would’ve never been able to satisfy everyone. We realize the old crew has emotional value, but it’s sheer numbers were holding the new crews back and would’ve kept doing so during a months long crew discussion. The old crew will always be there as a reminder of all the good times we’ve had in the early days of the crew. Even if we had been able to completely deleted the old crew, we wouldn’t have, because we love Pussi Riot as much as you do and we have it’s best interests at heart.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered.

Contact any of the commissioners. We’ll answer all your questions.


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  1. I’m so thankful for the work Grody, Scuba and the others have done to make our Riot something to be proud of being a part of again. The absence of leadership is what made me find PRPSN in the 1st place. I was seriously asking myself what I was clinging onto. The bloated membership was a joke. The leader was way over their head or just didn’t care. Im so grateful for the rebirth and excited for our future. Pussi Riot for life

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