A quick introduction

Pussi Riot is a multi platform girl character crew, based on the Russian anarcho-feminist punk rock band Pussy Riot, with over a hundred of members across XBOX, Playstation and PC.

Since our foundation on October 10, 2013 we’ve organized countless events including; crew parties, races, deathmatches and photography contests, just to name a few.

After a long and rather dull power struggle, Pussi Riot PSN and Pussi Riot XBOX were founded to continue the high quality gaming experience we’ve grown to love.

Keep on Rioting folks!

–  Grody

Pussi Control

We’ve had quite a few spats with local gangs and other crews during our search for a permanent territory, but eventually a few of us found a home in an abandoned Maibatsu factory in La Mesa.

Fast forward to January 1st 2016. We had rid ourselves of the old crew leadership and the crew split itself up into a PSN and XBOX group. That gave us the opportunity to really work on creating a close-knit community. It was from that old factory that we started to grow. First we gained more control over La Mesa and later we crossed the bridges and added Mission Row, Textile City and half of Pillbox Hill to our territory.

The benefits of having a territory is that it gives us a central meeting place to have fun in and to… well, have an excuse to exhibit extremely violent territorial behaviour towards anyone causing trouble in it, be it player, police or donkey *winks at Blondie*.

The following businesses and properties can be found within our territory:

  • Ammunation (La Mesa)
  • Ammunation (Pillbox Hill)
  • Binco (Textile City)
  • Los Santos Customs (La Mesa)
  • Ten Cent Theater (Textile City)
  • Various crew owned garages (La Mesa)

Below is a territory map. Our home base, The Factory, is marked with a safehouse icon.

Pussi Riot Territory2


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