Hall of Fame

Welcome to the hall of fame. In here you’ll find records set by the members of Pussi Riot PSN. Some are based on character stats and others on winning certain competitions. Have you beaten a record? Notify me on the Social Club and I’ll check your stats and update the record as soon as possible.

Photographer of the month


Most beautiful Rioter of the year 2017


Oldest Character

Alexona: October 1st 2013

Fastest Rioter

Alexona: 330.39Mph (Police Cruiser)

Mors Mutual’s Favourite

Muhmuhhuh: 18.82 miles without crashing


Scuba_Christ: 702.88 ft hydraulic jump

Farthest Wheelie

AmusaGlechuza: 3,280.84 ft

Farthest Stoppie

Grody-to-the-max: 259.85 ft

Best Aimer

xXSTAAXx: 40.00% accuracy

Longest police chase

Alexona: 0d 0h 35m 0s

Needs to go outside the most

VesperTears: 0d 11h 53m 13s playtime on a single session


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