Join the Riot

So you want to join the coolest, gnarliest girl character crew on the Playstation side of the GTA Online spectrum? You’ll be glad to know you can, IF, you follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have read the rules
  2. Send the crew leader or one of the commissioners a request on the SC to join the crew. In turn they’ll send you an invite to join. This means you can’t join without the upper echelons checking your profile and us knowing that you’re active on the SC.
  3. Once you’re in, introduce yourself on our crew page on the SC.
  4. Have fun with the crew! Joining the Riot at muscle level means that a pledge period of one month starts. If you’re engaging with the crew, you’ll be promoted to rep after a month, which means that you’ll officially be a member. If you do not engage with the crew, you’ll be kicked after a month.
  5. OPTIONAL Sign up to become a contributor on the website; create a member profile with backstory for your character, organize events and write interesting and/or funny stuff for your fellow Rioters to read.

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