We’re a crew, no, a community of cool players and we’d like to keep it that way. That means we have to set some rules. Breaking these rules can and will result in you being kicked from the crew.

  • While having Pussi Riot PSN as your active crew, you must play with a female character.
  • Playing with other crews is only permitted if special dispensation has been given by a commissioner.
  • Racism, sexism, fascism, other far right ideologies and verbal abuse are strictly forbidden.
  • Have your SC profile visible to everyone.
  • Be social, don’t go lone ranger all the time. Join your fellow Rioters and respond to their messages.
  • No crew killing while in a free roam lobby, unless you have consent from the other. This includes killing people for their bounty.
  • Race socially, this means no P.I.T. manoeuvres and over-aggressive driving. An accident can happen of course. When it does, compensate for it appropriately e.g. wait for the other to catch up.

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